“Hello, Hyde”

“Hello, Hyde” is a free write of mine that had nothing to do with my book, but it reminded me immensely of Jaycent (my novel’s main protagonist) to the point where I actually considered weaving some of these lines into the final manuscript. It’s important to me, even in works of fantasy like TRR, that characters possess a human element. I tend to push my OC’s to moments of raw emotion; the kind that remind us that even heroes have frailties. Jaycent, to me, has always been a voice for the questions and inner struggles we, as people, are often afraid to show. Much like the emotions found in the excerpt below:

“It’s those evenings, after the sun sets, when the shadows settle into the corners of the room like tangible images of my harbored fears. My hands pick up a book, a pen, anything in search for solace from those moments when the world bears down upon me. My heart threatens to cave in.  

I whisper words between hushed lips, careful not to stir a soul despite the hurricane raging inside my skin. Behind closed doors, I plead to the night sky, and the still, thick silence. A prayer for refuge, a prayer for redemption, a cry for help, an intervention. The worries that steal the air from my lungs inspire violent, shaking sobs. It’s the brokenness that doesn’t fade, the mistakes that I have made, the frightening future ahead and the doubts that linger in my head.

So many questions, so many uncertainties, and the cycles that always seem to catch up with me. It’s those days when I lose myself behind that daunting cloud of ‘what ifs’, and I drift away like a current far from present reality.

Like a storm it comes, with thunderous ferocity,
But faithful as clouds, it empties itself and drifts away. The sun pours out its lights again, and the birds take up their chorus. Like nothing ever happened.

Is it real? Did it happen? Or is it just a nightmare woven by emotions and an all too active imagination?  The thing about lies is they’re dressed so much like the truth. Can we ever truly know the difference?”


6 thoughts on ““Hello, Hyde”

  1. I’ve often asked myself if I can tell the difference between the lies I believe, and the truth I pretend isn’t real. I’d like to think I can, but can I, really? The mind is a fickle thing, and it will allow you to believe what you really, and truly, want to believe.

    Very nice post. I like the writing, but hope you’re doing okay 🙂

    • Thanks girlie! I know this is a bit of a dark post, but I’m totally fine! I really appreciate your concern though. 🙂 *hugs*

      And I wrestle with that question pretty often. But I think sometimes the journey in looking for those answers is actually the purpose, more than the answer itself. That’s what tends to mold us anyway, as we dig deeper. The question is what forces us to be introspective.

      But then again, I may just be convincing myself that to make up for my lack of an answer. 😉

  2. LIz, I LOVE IT! Your writing is just sooo beautiful. I really wish i was half as talented as you!! It seems the words just flow so easy for you. Anyway, waiting excitedly for TRR!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Lauren!! 🙂 And you’re very talented! I know I haven’t responded to your email yet, but I did read several of the articles you send me and I really enjoyed them. I’ve actually been meaning to send you a link to something you might be interested in. It’s http://www.demandstudios.com. Take a look and let me know what you think! It’s legit, and you can count on getting paid regularly.

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