Let’s Do Something Good, Together.

I don’t do a lot of ‘call to arms’ like this, but if you feel like doing something good today, I have one simple request for you.

There’s a non-profit called To Write Love On Her Arms. It’s an organization very, very dear to my heart. They’re an amazing group of people dedicated to providing hope and help to those struggling with addiction, depression, self-injury and suicide. If any of you read my last blog, you saw the video of the eighth grade boy telling his story about self-injury and bullying. He’s just one example of the lives this organization is dedicated to reaching out to. And they do a brilliant job of it! TWLOHA impact lives, and save lives, every single day.

Now they’re in the running for a million dollar grant. That’s a lot of money, folks, and they already have thought of several amazing ways to spend it if they win. Ways that will expand their efforts on a personal level all across the nation.

Your role is simple. Just get on facebook, ‘like’ the Chase Community Giving page, and vote for To Write Love On Her Arms. You can vote once a day.

They need you. After all, Justin Timberlake isn’t helping much. 😉


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