Blog: What’s Going On

 I’m still wiping the tears from my cheeks after watching this brave young boy tell his story. My heart breaks over his pain, and yet I marvel at his strength. All the while, I don’t quite know what to say. My mind keeps going back to how our tongue is a double-edged sword, and how we don’t think enough about the things we say before we say them.

I don’t really have anything concrete to share tonight. I just wanted to share this video because sometimes we need to be reminded of the duality of the human heart; of the frailness, and the resilience inside of every one of us.

But I will say this. I hope that when you step out your door—whether it leads you to work or school or someplace else—you remember that you are an individual, more relevant and more influential than you can imagine. Your life impacts the lives around you, and those around you will influence you.

Remember that. Remember your humanity, and your heart, and know that every face you see has its shares of struggles. Don’t be another reason for someone else to hang their head. Instead, offer a smile, and remember that they are just as real as you.

Be a source of hope. Show someone love. And may you know that you too are loved, in spite of whatever burden, scars or skeletons you may carry.

Peace to you tonight.



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