Discussion: Creativity and Coffee

What is it about coffee shops that inspire creativity in a writer? There must be a trend because it’s a common cliché for artistic people to gather in these cozy, bean-brewing, aromatic settings. Lately, they’ve been my office as I’ve skittered away to one of the three coffee shops near my house to work on my novel or media stuff for No Bull.

There’s the obvious advantage of an “outside setting”. Working from a home office is a battle of discipline and any chance to get out and find a change of scenery can be a nice reprieve. Coffee shops offer a bit more though. As if they’re a conduit to creative thinking. I can accomplish more in an hour at Starbucks than I can in three in the office.

Why is that?

I think it has to do with atmosphere. I associate coffee with conversation and bistros with community and art. In the end, it’s my mindset and the way I interpret the sights and sounds that stir my creativity and allow me to channel it better into my work.

So what about you? Where do you work best? Is there a place in particular that you go to write or create?


4 thoughts on “Discussion: Creativity and Coffee

  1. Sometimes – and I could be totally wrong about this – but sometimes I think most of the folks who go to public places to write do so because they want to be seen more than they want to write. I imagine some people can concentrate and get in the zone with a flurry of activity buzzing around them, but that’s probably more the exception. I need quiet and a computer of some sort. Apparently, I’ve lost the ability to write with a pen or pencil for more than 5 minutes without my hand cramping up like an old man running up the steps.

    • I think you’ve hit some people on the nail, John. However, the neat thing about people is that we’re all different. Somewhere amidst the showmen you’ll find folks who are genuine. Sometimes they’re a story within themselves… 😉

  2. I agree about the change of scenery. I get more done at coffee shops too when it comes to writing. At home there are too many distractions and piles that call to me and interfere. And it doesn’t hurt to have tasty coffee for the work session too! And maybe a banana chocolate chip muffin. Mmmm. Yep, Starbucks is still my favorite workplace.

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