30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 23

Okay. I promise. This is the last Drizzt reference I use in my blogs... for awhile.

Day 23 – A picture of your favorite book

This photo is only a small fraction of the many Drizzt books I’ve collected over the years. A friend used to tell me I looked like Catti-brie, and to a nerdy girl like me, it was the best compliment ever. I fell in love with the series back in high school. Helplessly charmed by multiple characters in the books, I couldn’t put the them down. You get pulled in so deep that when you feel the pages thinning beneath your grasp, your heart aches a little because you don’t want the story to end.

The characters were so different, but at the same time they complimented one another. Bruenor the dwarf possessed a rock-hard exterior, but a soft heart. Wulfgar who… I really didn’t like but tolerated because, for a barbarian, he wasn’t so bad of a guy. Regis was a thief that, despite his trade, held a loyalty that exceeded his halfling appetite. Catti-brie, a human girl adopted by Bruenor, was fiery, yet innocent, and knew and valued the gift of friendship. And Drizzt… dear Drizzt, the dark elf whose very heart counters the evil reputation of his skin. A stoic, yet deeply sensitive, ranger whose unyielding devotion to his principles drove the completion of countless good deeds performed with deadly prowess.

Books like this, where you wish the stories and their characters could be real, feed my desire to be an author.

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