Choose the August Contest Winner!

The August contest is officially closed, and voting has begun! Entrants have nine days (Until September 10) to promote their entry, and acquire the most votes in order to win this month’s feature, or character sketch. Here’s how it works:

So that both WordPress members and visitors can vote, the process is simple. At the top of each entry is a “rate this” option. The type of rating doesn’t matter, only the amount of votes which will appear beside the rating. **YOU MUST rate the page linked below, not the page on the entrant’s blog, in order for the vote to count.** While I can’t regulate how many entries you vote for, I’m trusting the honor system and asking that you stick to one vote per person.

If you have any questions, simply leave them in a comment and I’ll clarify.

Voters, get started! :)

August Contest Entries:

1) Father Time by The James Younger Gang

2) My Dear, Marie by Jennifer M. Hartsock

3) The Mortal and the Secret Ritual of Nature by Pink Woods

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