Blast from the Past

Every once and awhile I update my DeviantART Art Gallery with some new work, and stumbled across this old sketch. I’d forgotten I ever drew the thing until someone apparently “liked” it. I clicked the link to my own drawing to see what it was, and didn’t know whether to laugh or admire it. The anatomy is terrible, and poor Sadi’s hair looks like something out of the’80s hair band era (David Bowie, anyone?). But the expressions on their faces were struck me. They were so expressive… it inspired me enough to want to take a second shot at drawing these three together.

But before I do, I wanted to get some feedback. As an artist, above anything else I want my illustrations to tell their own story. In this case, It’s clear to me that I tried to portray each character’s unique personality through their expressions, body language and attire. To get it right the second time, I want to see what you see first. So my question for you: What is your impression of these three characters based on this old sketch?

(From left to right: Patchi, Sadi and Jaycent)

6 thoughts on “Blast from the Past

  1. Patchi looks assured and independent. Sadi looks like a dreamer, well-loved but ultimately unknown; he looks sort of lost. And Jaycent looks sceptical, like a thinker and a protector. Slowly contemplative.

    I have no idea what you were going for, but that’s what it feels like to me! 🙂

    • Actually, that pretty much sums it up. 🙂 You described them all nearly to a ‘T’. Perhaps the revised version of this drawing will be easier than I thought.

      Thank you, Miranda!

  2. As someone who doesn’t know the characters…
    I think the one on the right looks intellectual and sharp, like he’s thinking about some kind of problem.
    The one in the middle looks brooding, and his hair and naked chest makes me think he wants to look good for the girls.
    I’m not getting a clear impression from the one on the left, but he may be a trickster – a little sneaky, and tries to gain advantage from the situation.

    • Very close. 🙂

      Jaycent (on the right) is a very rational, intellectual character.

      Sadi (middle) is actually pretty shy, and innocent to romance. His lack of a shirt is a foreshadow to the tribal life he reverts to.

      Your description of Patchi (left) is spot on! He is a trickster, and a mystery to all who are lucky enough to meet him. 🙂 Very few know much about the gypsy other than the fact that he seems one step ahead of everything that’s going on.

      Thanks for visiting, and taking time to comment!

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