WRITERS: Don’t forget about this month’s writing contest!

Show off your characters, and the personality that makes us love (or hate) them. (Movie Still Copyright Disney)

We’re still looking for more entries for this month’s contest! Show off your original characters, and get some extra exposure by entering! You can find the details below:

Elli Writes Monthly Writing Contest: August

Theme: Show Some Character!

Challenge: I’ve been looking forward to launching this contest for a month now. August’s theme is Show Some Character, and I invite you all to run wild with this. Use that imagination, as long as it somehow illustrates an original character you created.

Acceptable Formats: Any writing format. (Short Story, Excerpt, “Interview”, Blogs, Lyrics, etc.)

Deadline: August 31, 2011

Prize: A feature on Elli Writes, or a free sketch of your character.

How to Submit Entries: If you’re a blogger, you can leave a link to your entry in the comments below. If you’re not or would rather use other means, you can e-mail your entry to ECarlton@live.com with the subject line “August Contest Entry”.

8 thoughts on “WRITERS: Don’t forget about this month’s writing contest!

    • Hey Jeyna!

      Only the character must be original. So if you have an original character from a fan fiction, you’re welcome to enter them. 🙂 Just make sure you include the book and author the fan fic is based off of.

  1. Interesting… I’m new here, I should be able to develop something before the deadline, hehe.

    Be back soon,


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