30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 5


Day 05 – A picture of your favorite memory

               It took me awhile to choose an idea, much less a photo, for this theme. Actually, I never was able to find a photo at all. Choosing a favorite memory seemed impossible. There are just so many of them! I can’t even begin to put a number to the moments that have left imprints on my life.

How do I even determine a ‘favorite’? This might be considered a cop out, but I can’t raise one experience above another as better, or even more relevant. It’s like looking at a pile of puzzle pieces, picking up one and saying, “This is the best”.

Memories, to me, are pieces of a bigger picture, and that bigger picture is constantly changing the more I live and experience. Though each piece is significant and unique in its own right, it’s what they form when unified that I tend to focus on; the ever present, ever growing, ever learning and ever changing of oneself.

2 thoughts on “30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 5

  1. The best memory can not be determined or should I say is very hard to determine.
    But you could simplify it by putting your photo.
    Because you are your best memory. Everything else is sub-categorized under you. 🙂
    think about it.

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