30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 4 (You’re Alive, This is Living)

Day 04 – A picture of your night

Getting lost on a remote back road in the mountains never rang in my mind as something worth smiling about, until tonight when my GPS sent my boyfriend and I on a winding gravel road that snaked up the side of a mountain. Our faith in my GPS dwindled to none when the narrow path showed no signs of releasing us back into civilization any time soon. There was no room to turn around, and no urge inside of either of us to try as we scooted between rock and the dramatic drop that plummeted on our left.

Camera in hand, a smile crept over my lips and my boyfriend spotted the excited gleam in my eyes. I wasn’t afraid of where we were headed, or if we’d ever get to the Walmart we originally set out to find. Instead, I began snapping photos, wide blue eyes intrigued by the vast beauty of this mighty terrain.

Leaning over the driver’s side, I eagerly documented the brilliant sights around us. I wanted more than ever just to tuck this place inside my bag and take it with me. My heart longed to live in a place like this; where nature claimed more of the land than the people did.

This was only one night in a four day journey over hills and mountains, exploring things we hadn’t seen and climbing rocks that, at times, I wasn’t sure I’d make it to the top. But when I did, the blue tinted mountains that stretched the expanse of the horizon, the cool of the rock beneath my thighs and the breeze rejuvenated my strength, and filled my spirit.

Quietly, with words that held no sound, I could feel the message that consumed this natural world around me. The whispered reminders that flowed through the current of the river, and in the air that swept my hair and filled my lungs, saying: “You’re alive. This is living.”

It’s so easy to forget these simple truths. So easy to get caught up in a world that wants us to exist in a life defined by the money in our bank accounts, or the fear of losing it. Fear of failure holds a tight reign on our actions. We work so hard to achieve the things we desire.

But when we get sucked into our goals and our fears that we forget about today… we lose the life we’ve all been given. One that doesn’t have a price, or a debt. Just a promise.

A promise that the air in our lungs counts for something, and that as long as your chest rises and falls to the rhythm of the Breath of Life within us, you are free. Free to love the person beside you; to hike the tallest mountain, and to say hello to the strangers you pass on the path. You are free to enjoy the things that don’t cost a thing.

“You’re alive,” the trees whispered. “This is living.”

4 thoughts on “30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 4 (You’re Alive, This is Living)

  1. Ah, I think this is what you were referring to on my blog “Scream: ‘I’m alive. I’m alive.” This is a great example of an accident gone right: finding yourself in nature, and it being everything.

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