Contest Entry: Father Time

Already, the August Writing Contest entries are rolling in. 🙂 The first is a set of lyrics to a song written and submitted by The James Younger Gang. They also sent a copy of the song along for everyone to listen to. 🙂 I had to get a little creative and make a YouTube video out of it in order to post the thing, but I think it’s worth it to be able to enjoy both:

Father Time

Well I walked into a place down on the river
Looked like it had weathered on itself
I saw a man sittin’ there in the corner
Looked like he’d been sent straight back from hell

With his dark sunglasses on, black boots and jacket
And his hat pulled down across his hardened face
A beard that said he’d stood the test of time
And his spurs had often walked upon this place

Well you could tell just by lookin‘, he had a story
But everyone was too afraid to ask
And this fine day I felt just brave enough
So I sat down across from this old cat

I said “tell me where you’re from, and where you’re going
Is it down to alabam’ or caroline?
Tell me all about the road you’re travelin’
And tell me all the things that’s on your mind”

Well he picked up one big tall glass of whiskey
Bubbled when he hit it nice and hard
He said “I’m not going anywhere young man
Cause I’ve been everywhere near and far

See when you’re drivin’ I’m those stripes along the highway
And when the wind blows I’m the breeze in your hair
And I am the reflections in the water
And I’m the heat within the desert air”

He said “I’m the lighting flashin’ cross the storm clouds
And I’m the howl you’re hearing in the night
And I’m the roaring waters in the mountains
Hell I’m everything both wrong and right”

Well I said “if you’re all those you must be famous
Please tell me your name one more time”
He said “I never told you in the first place
But the heavens always called me Father Time”

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