Elli Writes… What Exactly?

I'm more than a blog writer. I do interviews, and stuff.

If you’ve been following my site lately, and have found yourself pondering, “She does write things, right?” the answer is yes. Yes, I do. So where are the articles? My name hasn’t graced the web or a magazine in months, aside from this blog. To people’s best knowledge, I’ve been in journalistic hibernation.

It sounds like a horrible idea for someone bound and determined to make writing a full time career, yet it was for the sake of a career that I did this. I took a hiatus from the world of journalism so that I could invest my time in a fantasy novel I revived back in January. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, yet it was a necessary one. Fact of the matter is that I juggle enough hats to join a circus. Between manager, logo designer, social media specialist, communications director, freelance editor, girlfriend, and now uncertified barber (not recommended for the tender headed), I found my hands were always full.

At the end of the day, something had to give. If I was going to see this book published, I needed to invest the time in it. A lot of time. Fellow writers, you know how exhausting the trade can be. If you spend even half of your day writing articles and features, it’s hard to turn around and spend your free time writing a novel. Especially when you work a second job. It was just too exhausting.

So I gave up one baton for another. I took a chance on my childhood dream of becoming an author, and I’m starting to see that dream materialize. The Royal Rogue nears its final stages of editing, and as it currently stands, the book itself could be published and available in stores and online as early as January 2012.

With that said, there will be some changes in the types of posts you’ll find here in the next few months. I plan to document the journey from editing to publishing, and from time to time, my journey in life in general. This began as a blog about me and my writing, and I plan to lean more in that direction.

It’s going to get personal, or personable. I’ll be writing about my manuscript, and my relentless belief in hope (which seem to be the most popular posts, despite having nothing to do with the theme of my blog). But I’ll take things a step further. I’ll let you have a glimpse into my life as well, and maybe even introduce you to my furry, four-legged muse.

After all, this site is called Elli Writes, but I never said about what. So from here on out the prompt is open, and we’ll see how it goes from there.


PS: thank you to everyone who has subscribed since I started this blog, and have taken the time to comment, participate in contests, etc. You encourage me to keep this thing going, which encourages me in turn to keep pushing myself in my writing. And for that, you have my gratitude!

3 thoughts on “Elli Writes… What Exactly?

  1. I know how it is to have many responsibilities but be completely absorbed by your writing. I didn’t have a job or the “adult life” at my door yet, but during high school, I pushed aside friends and homework in order to write my books. I sometimes regret not doing better in school or being as social, but I will never regret what bloomed from writing. I feel that, as writers, we’re doing a good job of, as you said, juggling hats. Now that I have two writing and editing jobs, my time to edit my book is slowly becoming less of a priority (though, in my heart, it’s my biggest). So, my friend, we all look forward to reading more of your work, whatever that may be. We wish you the best! 🙂

    P.S. Please let me know if you need to stop our manuscript swap due to other priorites. I will understand.

    • Actually, reading/editing your manuscript is one of the things I look forward to during the week, so no, no need to stop! 🙂 It gives me the chance to enjoy someone else’s writing for a change. It make take me longer than I’d like to get to it some weeks depending on how much free time I have, but it’s definitely something I want to keep doing for as long as you’re up for it.

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