File This Under Random

I have a confession.

Outside of work and the professional world, I’m a very different person. Truly. It’s as stark as Jekyll and Hyde (without the evil, gory twist). All of the deep and philosophical posts really don’t hold a candle to the level of ridiculous my every day life achieves; a life in which my boyfriend would testify to in a heartbeat, and does a splendid job of doing so on a regular basis. Perhaps this is why I’ve found this blog so entertaining. It’s called

I’m using “it’s a blog, which involves writing” as an excuse to share this little discovery publicly in hopes you all will get a laugh out of it like I did. You can read it here.

2 thoughts on “File This Under Random

  1. This blog is great. Full of inappropriately hilarious shenanigans. I actually don’t know much about this blog, but that’s what I’ve come to believe so far. I would encourage you to act yourself all the time, Liz. Even in your profession (as in, express yourself here on WordPress). I’ve noticed that being philosophical and intelligent attracts people who want to learn and contribute art, however, if you can do that while cracking a laugh, then you’re all the more popular. My boyfriend conveys his morals through humor (satyr, actually), and I’m instantly attracted to reading more of his work, no matter what it’s about! This is something I can’t do (though I have a sense of humor, I’m just not as witty as he is). It would be great to see your true personality shine through on this site, and see how many people enjoy your personality.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Jennie! 🙂 I want to start to drift in that direction in future blogs. While I may not be writing any satires or sharing my Bloggess-esque stories any time soon, I hope eventually I’ll be able to kick off the shoes a bit and show a little more of my personality in the future. 😉

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