Support of an Artist

Whenever I post something on here about supporting a writer of sorts, it’s because this person or person(s) mean something to me. They’re friends, inspirations and people whose art I truly believe in. Adley Stump is one of those people.

A little story to go with this. Adley was one of four housemates of mine last summer. Every day you could hear her singing. In the office, in the kitchen, on the porch, with a guitar, with herself… it didn’t matter when or where. The music seemed to be a part of her. Her songs are heartfelt, and she writes them herself. You can tell. The soul behind her words reverberates through every note, and it’s evident there’s more behind these lyrics than a pretty melody.

I want to invite you to take a listen to one of her songs, and if you feel like voting, please do! She’s entered it into a contest to be a part of the Renee: The Movie Soundtrack (a movie based on the life of Renee Yohe, the girl whose story inspired the non-profit To Write Love On Her Arms).

You can find her song here.


5 thoughts on “Support of an Artist

  1. I voted! Wow, this is such a beautiful, powerful song, it made me cry! I want this on my iPod, is it available on itunes, or for download somewhere?

    • Not yet! Though I think it will be available soon. If it doesn’t make it onto the Renee soundtrack, I’m sure it’ll be on her first album. She recently signed a contract with a record company in Nashville and has been in the studio, so I’m guessing an EP or LP is in the works. If you want, I can let you know when it is available. 🙂

  2. That’s an awesome song. I’m also a song writer and have written a song about suicide. Now I want to help people out all the more.

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