The Royal Rogue Reaches Halfway Mark

Meet Jaycent. He’s the one pictured in the crude little sketch above. More importantly though, he’s the main character of my book, The Royal Rogue. Originally I promise weekly updates on this manuscript, but after awhile I wasn’t sure what to write. I didn’t want to post pieces of the manuscript every time, but one sentence blogs proclaiming “My novel is now 42.875 percent complete!!” hardly seemed worthwhile. All of my fun, creative ideas are reserved for when the manuscript is complete and I launch the Gypsy’s Lore section of the blog. So what did I have left to share?

Not much.

I suppose I can share some insight as to what editing a book has been like for the past several weeks. Very few eyes have seen the newly revised manuscript, which is now about halfway complete, and so far it’s been a tedious process. I’ve learned how changing one small detail can turn into hours of edits. But with every revision, I’m seeing this book and these characters really come alive. Some days I’m completely immersed in this story and its characters. Others I sit here staring blankly, wondering what in the world I started. Determination and tenacity alone have kept me from getting up and walking away from this project sometimes. But all the hours invested, the sleepless nights and the moments where I feel I’m losing my mind… they’re worth it. The book is coming together. Piece by piece, chapter by chapter, this novel is becoming a piece of work I can truly say I’m proud of.

So while you may not hear from me weekly on this subject, know that the diligence is here. It’s happening. The book is progressing.

And I’m closer than I ever thought I’d be to making The Royal Rogue into a hardback reality.

10 thoughts on “The Royal Rogue Reaches Halfway Mark

  1. Beautiful drawing!! It takes so much persistence to finish a novel (I should know) so best of luck. Blogging is so easy in comparison, just write and post 🙂

    • Thank you, friend! 🙂 Are you writing a novel too?

      And yeah, blogging is much, much easier! 😉 Yet I think in an indirect way, this blog has helped push me to finish this novel. It definitely helps me stretch those writing muscles!

      • Hi Elli, yes I’m writing a fantasy novel too. I’ve done almost 40k words so a little under half way. Coming up with an outline, letting all those ideas bubble along is the easy part, right? Actually sitting down and getting it all out is a little more tricky. So is yours done and you’re just editing it, or are you writing the first draft?

      • That’s awesome! May I ask what it’s about?

        As for TRR, the first draft is finished. I’m going through the first round of heavy edits now. Jennifer Hartsock has been quite a dear in helping me with it. 🙂

  2. Hi Elli, well my book is a series of adventures involving four companions in a fantasy world of my own creation. My original intention was to not take it too seriously; more low fantasy than high fantasy i.e. Tolkien. However I have come full circle and the creation has now grown to such an extent that I am being forced to ‘upgrade’ and rewrite it. The main problem I am having is making sure it uses the best elements of past Fantasy works I have read and loved, but is also fresh. For this reason I have become very conscious of using ‘elves’ or ‘orcs’.

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