Gone Astray, Be Back Soon (April Contest Entry)

Here’s an entry by the talented Jennifer Hartsock! You can read more of her work at her WordPress blog, Jennifer M. Hartsock.



“Gone Astray, Be Back Soon”

I’d like for you to see the better parts of me; not just remember them from once upon a time.

Beneath the litter of trialing and negligence, kindness and respect are still a part of me.

It’s an extensive battle to fight temptation, to feel fulfilled as a good person in refusing to do certain things others may feel are of no negative consequence.

Nevertheless, honor and integrity have a home here, and even when threatened by suggestible substances, the person I am will overcome this cloak of weakening.

I can change this.

The future is a naked canvas for the world to douse in color. The brush of paint I offer will be of truth, love, and kindness.



(Interested in entering? Find the details of April’s contest here)


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