Rebirth (April Contest Entry)

Entry number two! A beautiful poem written by Mark Williams.  You can either read below, or view it directly on his blog here: Rebirth


To be everything you dreamt and more,
To have the aching void of what could be,
No longer a painful absence in your chest,
But full with bursting joy,
But then again…
Without the void,
There can be no light, no star of hope or twist of fear,
No human world in a spin,
At this mad game we call a life.
So stay on a while dear emptiness,
Linger on my friend discontent,
To fill my pen with bitter fruits,
Of loves lost upon the wind of this neglect,
That carries stories whispered as if in dream,
Of what was and what could be,
The ever lasting strife for better life:


(Interested in entering? Find the details of April’s contest here)


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