Daily Post: When Characters Come to Life

Daily Post: If you could bring one fictional character to life for a day, who would you choose?

To avoid writing an utterly lame blog by saying, “My character, so-and-so”, I’m going to risk the chance of being called a cheater by tweaking this Daily Post topic. Just a little.

Instead of sharing what character I would bring to life, I’m going to share a funny little story about a character I created who actually did come to life.

Sort of.

Several years ago I started writing a fantasy series called The Gypsy’s Lore. One of my most popular characters happened to be an eccentric little gypsy by the name of Patchi. A diminutive fella, he stood a little over five feet tall with a head of flaxen hair that fell a couple inches past his ears. But the amount of joy and life bubbling beneath the gypsy’s minute frame made him hard not to like. Even to his enemies.

Back then I spent about as much time illustrating my books as I did writing them, and I still have several old drawings that illustrated how I pictured him in my head.


Perhaps you can understand my surprise when several years later I walked into a music hall only to see this guy walk onto the stage:

At first I found it pretty hilarious. But the irony is that for the past several years this man has inadvertently intervened in some of the most pivotal moments in my life. Sometimes through brief conversations in darklit music halls, and others through albums that seem to write my life story better than I can.

It’s funny, really. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder which parts are coincidence, and which parts might, in fact, be fate.

2 thoughts on “Daily Post: When Characters Come to Life

  1. How neat is it that your passion and a musician’s passion brought you together? I believe that a musician who can not only write beautiful music, but also beautiful lyrics, is a very gifted artist. I also believe that a writer who can write beautifully, but also create characters, who you feel you know, is also a gifted artist. I don’t know, I just think it’s a neat thing that two talented people are connected by talent. It seems almost more than just conscience, doesn’t it?

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