Ode to Love Entry: 1,000 Miles

All of us can probably vouch for how music can impact lives. Giving words a voice and a melody can stir a soul in ways letters on a page can’t always do. I think I like this entry for several reasons. One being that The James Younger Gang is one of my favorite local bands in North Carolina. The second is that these lyrics hold a vulnerable take on love and honesty that make it worth listening to. Band member Dustin Newcombe was kind enough to send the actual music file along with the lyrics that I’m more than happy to share with you guys when I figure out how to post it. Until then, you can listen to this and others songs on their MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/thejamesyoungergang

1,000 Miles

It’s been a long time

Since I’ve seen your face

And I know I should be home

It’s been a cold night

And even colder days

And I need you by my side

That road that leads to you is a thousand miles long

And I just wanna be your drifter coming home


Cause when I walk in, you walk out, and I don’t wanna live without

The memories we could have had before

When you need some place to rest your head

I’ll be the one when there’s no one else left

You’re the one I’ve been looking for

Got some things I need to say

But I haven’t got the words

My courage left a long time ago

I’m reaching out to you

But I always miss your hand

And I’m scared to get close again

That road that leads to you is a thousand miles long

And I just wanna be your drifter coming home


Cause I’m tryin to run and I’m tryin to fight

And I just can’t get any closer

And I’m tryin to give and I’m tryin to get

But you’re just too far away


**It’s not to late to enter the Ode to Love contest. Click the link for more information. All entries must be submitted by 12AM March 1**



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