Liz’s Top 4 Favorite Fiction Couples

It seems like every book I read ends up being part of a series, and these four couples are no exception. However, it’s the magic between these couples that have me reading all of the books several times over just to relive their story. So without further adieu, here are four of my favorites (in no particular order):

1) Jamie and Leana McKie
Liz Curtis Higgs is by far one of my favorite authors of all time. Her wit, charm and attention to detail reel me in time and time again. I actually began this trilogy with the last book on accident (Whence Came a Prince) before I went back and bought the first two because I couldn’t get enough of these characters. An allusion to the biblical story of Jacob, it takes place in Scotland’s Lowlands during the late 1700’s. The romance is a strange and scandalous love triangle as Leana and her sister Rose wrestle to win the heart of the handsome Jamie McKie. There’s a spirituality that resonates throughout the book and brought me to tears on more than one occasion, and the romantic aspect is only enhanced by the setting. Plus the dialogue is peppered with bits of the beautiful country’s unique dialect to make you feel like you’re really there.

2) Drizz’t and Cattie-Brie
I might as well throw this out here now: I am a huge fantasy nerd, and this series will prove that. Based on the infamous role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons, RA Salvatore’s Forgotten Realms series includes a drow (dark-elf) named Drizzt Do’urden. Born of an evil race and ‘cursed’ with a pure heart, Drizzt spends his first few centuries in the Underdark learning who he is while his family tries their best to beat it out of him. He eventually finds his way to the surface where he finds himself a unique circle of friends including a dwarf, a barbarian and a human by the name of Cattie-Brie. Yet nothing with Drizzt ever seems to come easily. Salvatore mastered the art of luring you from one book to the next with the slightest hint of a connection between these two, slowly developing their relationship to the point where you’re on the edge of your seat begging for them to finally step up and make a move. Drizzt’s pure motives and Cattie-Brie’s feisty nature make these two on of my all-time favorite pairs.

3) Daine and Numair
This pairing was the sole reason I read through all four books in this series. I’m not a huge fan of Tamora Pierce’s YA novels, but the strange connection between Daine and Numair in The Immortals series kept me reading. The age difference (Numair was 14 years older than Daine) created a conflict within the infamous mage as he began to fall in love with his young student, Daine (All but Daine seem to pick up on this, including Numair’s enemies). I was rooting for the old mage the whole time in this book. His sense of humor and quirky habits made me want to get in line for a chance to win the silly man’s heart.

4) Mereet and Semiyar
Adele Sessler is probably one of the most talented women I’ve come across in years. Although she no longer publishes her books, both of them still sit on my ‘Favorites’ shelf. Her beautiful illustrations (which you can find at are intriguing enough. But she takes it a step further in Saberondan as her lyrical writing refreshes the idea of forbidden love and tangles you in a story so beautifully tragic there’s no way you can set it down. Semiyar, the trinket donning minstrel with captivating eyes and alluring song will enchant you as strongly as he did Mereet.

Now it’s your turn. What are some of your all-time favorite pairings?


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