Fiction February

Valentine's Day dog reads Pride and Prejudice.

With February being the month of romance, I decided to dedicate these next few weeks to my first love: Fiction. It started with fan stories based on Tolkein’s novels and eventually led to original work that I produced for nearly ten years. There was freedom in fiction. You were limited only by the extents of your creativity. It inspired my muse, and robbed me of sleep (but in a good way).

This month I’ll be posting several different articles, features, lists, etc. All with a Valentine’s Day theme! Here’s just a glimpse of what will be featured:

1)      Three tips on writing a rockin’ first chapter (See You Had Me at Chapter One)

2)      Valentine’s Day Writing Exercise – All entries submitted are posted with due credit and link back to you. (See Ode to Love)

3)      Advice on Developing Characters (See Creating Characters People Want to Read About)

4)      Top things to Avoid When Writing Romance Stories

5)      Liz’s List of Favorite Fiction Couples (See Top 4 Favorite Fiction Couples)

6)      Feature focusing on a promising online romance story

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